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I don't have enough characters drawn out or created to fill everything out. Just some doodles 

Name: River Styx 
Nickname: Riv, Styx, Sticky (Harmony ONLY)
Age: 16 
Gender: Male 
Orientation: Homosexual (but would never openly admit feelings for anypony) 
Crush or Ssp: Unbelievabll massive crush on Nox
Cutie mark: Placeholder 
Talent: He is incredibly talented in darker chaos magic 
Parents: Twilight and Discord
Siblings: Harmony (younger twin)
Friends: tba 
Bio: Like Harmony, He takes pleasure in chaos magic, however he enjoy the more sadistic side of it rather than the chocolate rain side. He loves his sister but he finds her rather naive and slight stupid. Despite his rather downward look at his sister, so help the pony that hurts her. We have established he takes pleasure in ponies pain...
He can come off as a jerk because he inherited Twi's studious habits. He honestly takes a sadistic pleasure out of messing with ponies but suppresses it very well. 

Likes: Tba 
Dislikes: Tba
Facts and quirks: Named by Luna 

Name: Harmony 
Nickname: Bubble Gum Princess (not really a nickname but more of a joke), Bubbles 
Age: 16 
Gender: Female 
Orientation: Hasn't really thought about it
Crush or Ssp: tba 
Cutie mark: Placeholder 
Talent: She is talented in the goofier side of chaos magic 
Parents: Twilight and Discord
Siblings: Styx (older twin) 
Friends:  TBA 
Personality: She is a super goofy and lovable pony. She loves hang out with Pinkie's children and often turns things to cotton candy and chocolate milk. She is a naive and doesn't share her bother's study habits. Her favorite place is the chaos realm. Unlike her brother, her pranks and gags are always lighthearted. She feels awful if anyone get hurt on her behalf. 
Likes: TBA 
Dislikes: TBA 
Facts and quirks: Named by Twi
LOVES those catchy yet awful pop songs. 

Pt. 2 [AU] Concept Art 2
Pt. 3 [AU] Concept art 3

Adopted Harmony from :iconipandadopts: DiscoLight Adopt - CLOSED
Art and Characters (c) :icondoodlenoodles23: 
No stealing please by MetadreamPairings by Metadream
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